vveritasv (vveritasv) wrote,

Falcon Flight

Every morning Hubby and I have coffee outside on the patio and watch the birds at the birdfeeders.  Hummingbirds and finches, mostly.  Our cats sometimes get one, sometimes we have to put the cats in the house because the birds won't come to the feeders if the cats are lounging beneath them.

Anyway, this morning cats are lounging around, but not bothering the birds, and the birds are busy with their morning seeds.  We get 50 to 100 busy birds every morning.  They wait in the trees and take turns at the feeder.  Cheep cheep cheep all the time.  This is a wonderful ritual for us.

So as I take a sip of coffee,a falcon comes swooping over the roof and dives at the feeder.  He is absolutely silent.

The birds explode with a burst of feathers, zooming off in all directions AND all 6 cats come streaking into the house!  in 2 seconds it is eerily quiet.  We keep a lookout, and the falcon comes gliding back for a second pass, but there is nothing there.  He swoops up and away.  We wait but not a single cat comes back outside (the door is open) nor do any of the birds come back to the feeder.  About 10 minutes later a hummingbird comes and has some sugar.  I guess Falcons don't eat hummingbirds.

*loves birds*

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