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My Novel is published as an eBook

My novel is now available on Smashwords and on Amazon Kindle.

At Smashwords the first 50% is available free and you don't have to have an e-reader to read.  You can download as html or pdf.



Here is the tagline and pitch:

Nadira lives a dreary life as a servant until an adventurous nobleman steals her for a mysterious purpose and her world becomes abruptly undone.




A scholar lies dying in a merchant’s stable where Nadira receives his last words. To Nadia, words are her life: she lives them as her master’s scrivener and dreams them in her mother’s poetry.

She wonders why these men seem mad with greed and violence as they chase after old manuscripts. After she reads some of the mysterious documents she understands how ideas are more powerful than steel or fire.

As the Black Friars spread terror throughout Medieval Europe in their attempt to keep the world a dark and fearful place, a few brave men resist the Inquisition. They know that light of a single candle burning in a scholar’s cell is more powerful than the conflagration of the auto da fe. A woman who can read and write in several languages is as much a treasure as a fine jewel. Nadira finds that she is traded between powerful men until one night the meaning of it all becomes clear.

She can do something with her mind that none of her captors can, and it has nothing to do with words.

It seems a little strange to publish this way.  After more than 20 years as a bookseller I found I had to get used to the new paradigm.  Now it seems that physical paper publishers would like to see a sales record before they even accept a submission.

I suppose this is an easier way to get through the slush pile.  The slush is deeper, but is much more slippery.  Feedback is instantaneous.  It is very exciting in a way that the old days of query letters were not.

If you do take a curious look at the first 200 pages, let me know what you think.  Be honest, there is lots of room for edits (ebooks just get re-uploaded!) and I am working on the sequel.  Comments and ideas may steer the subsequent story.

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